Type: Facebook tab. Non fan gated.

It seemed as if the Boss social media team was at a crossroads where they realized that there Facebook page outnumbered their twitter handles by tens of thousands of users. After making wall posts on the page in hopes of cross pollinating, they realized that that their fan base wasn’t extremely pleased with the bombardment of another platform. We were asked to create some more subtle and functional. Our mission was to create a tab to live on the official Boss fan page that would allow Facebook users to easily find and follow the various twitter profiles that the Boss social media team had created without ever having to leave the Facebook atmosphere.

Juiceboxd teamed up with Boss’s social media agency,¬†Fanscape, to come up with the creative concept and hammer out the necessary elements that needed to be present. We then went ahead and creating the tab using CSS, static HTML, and the implementation of Twitter API. The Twitter API was key in ensuring that fans would be able to easily follow the various twitter accounts listed without being to “in your face” for the platform.

Skills: Facebook Application